Retirement Planning

Many people now soaking the sun up in Portugal have already retired and are receiving monies from their personal and government pension schemes, but even for these people we may be able to help get more from your payments, either through currency transfers or even looking at ways of moving pensions overseas (this is covered under pension transfers).

For those of you still working and bringing in an income who want to look at putting money away for retirement we can help and the good news is there are much better plans available for the expat than there ever was in the UK, true you don't get tax relief on your payments but you at least get a better choice what to do with your money at the time of retirement and beyond.

Just like regular savings plans, time is the most important factor, we can help you save for your eventual retirement whenever that may be. The sooner you start the closer you get to your targets.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss this matter further.