Capital Investment

Over the last few years savers have seen their income from interest sliced dramatically, somewhere in the region of 80%. For a lot of people it has meant they are now eating into their savings, history has shown us that normally when the interest rates are low gains can be found in the World stock markets but with the global economic crisis this market has been left very volatile.

The most important word when investing large sums of money is diversification and in these times of uncertainty it has become even more important.

Through the companies we use as investment vehicles our clients are able to access a wide range of funds covering all sectors and geographical areas, whatever level of risk attitude our clients have we are able to offer access to funds to compliment this.

Capital Investment is normally viewed as a medium to long term investment and should in any event be invested for a minimum of 5 years, if you have a lump sum that you need to work harder for you but is needed in less than 5 years we maybe able to help secure better rates of interest through financial institutions we have connections to.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.